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Soldiers Of Jah Army (SOJA)

Forgive, Don't Forget

Soldiers Of Jah Army (SOJA)

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Chorus We love our enemies as our friends,
InI will forgive them but I don't forget
We love our enemies as or friends
But will never turn my back on them

v.1 Children of the Most High God
Children of the Earth and this fullness thereof
Let us not do as them wicked have done,
for InI will feel retribution
What a man giveth is what a man receiveth
and what a man receive for his giving is more breath
The wages of sin is death
fighting only destroys love, and I am not impressed

v.2 War is the same everytime
Both sides claim to be divine,
When both sides from the same design.
We are one creation from the mastermind
Corruption and sin present on all sides,
and both sides claim they have the birth right
Newspaper shows the pictures, and you look the same to me
And I know that's what Almighty Rastafari see

v.3 Enemies will be there
to hem InI up, and get in my hair
Never mind iniquity cause they're so unfair
What's going is coming and we see that clear
Do you want to be just like them,
blend with hooligans and mix with evil men
When they strike, you strike back, again and again
And soon, you gonna be just like them
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