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Mother and child


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  • Monique
  • Membro desde: 19/06/2012
  • São Paulo, SP
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Yehhh, hey, hey
Yehhh, hey, hey

Worthwhile the mother and child these serpents out to slave them
To slave them
Worthwhile the mother and child these serpents out to slave them
To slave them

What's your mother but a lioness?
Among the lion she dwell
Jah cub she feed and caress
While we are babe an suckling?
To dragon heard of his greatness
Command to take the youth man life
He made it hard for them to live here
And fighting just to get by


You're saying peace to the daughters
But a lie you a tell
´Cause in your mind this is slaughter her
And she is greately wounded
There is no bond for her healing
The damage already done
She shall rest in the wilderness
And to the circles day a come


The serpent fell her upon the Earth
Persecute the woman dat brought forth
You treat the wrath of iron
Young Judah Lion
The beast was determined
To fight down Mama
The land opened up and helped her
So they were under tilt they are (?)


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