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Bad Brains

Yes Jah

Bad Brains

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  • São Paulo, SP
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Album: Rise (1993)

Living in times when things are slow people don't know where to go.
Jah will always be there.
People just suffering everywhere hold on don't despair.
Jah will always be there.
Yes I know it's hard to make a way so hold on children Hold on.
What is true.
Who the cap fit is who will wear it.
So move aside oh evil man move far from here.
Yes Jah love yes Jah love.
Shine so very early in the morning bright like the moon in the evening.
Listen and i'll tell you just what I knokw jump high jump low.
Jah will always be there. Pain never know you, pain never will.
Just look an you will find.
Jah will alwyas be there.
Sew a fruit tree and fruit you'll reap, plant not a seed and your life it won't keep hold on children hold on.
Respect all creation and don't fear.
Know what you know and not what you hear.
Hold on children.
I love I love Yes I love I love Hile Selassie.
We give our god thanks and praises every day.
We know we're safe in every way.
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