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Julian Marley

Lion In The Morning

Julian Marley

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  • Jadson Souza
  • Membro desde: 28/02/2012
  • Itabuna, BA
  • Cargo: Moderador
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I'm like a lion in the morning
lion in the morning
when he rises
Have you ever met
a roaring lion yet
Have you ever seen
when the master is getting vex
He said
keep away from the dark
yes we know who you are
they try to hurt the lion
it a go hot like fire
Each to teach his own
Don't go where the lion roam
please do not provoke
or take any lion for joke
Why must a cub suffer
the road will get rougher
Bring the children together
so that they won't suffer
Holy mount Zion
that's the jungle of the lion
the higher lion
Remember who is king of the jungle
He keep I and I strong right through
give praises in the morning
while Jah sun is dawning
when the lion starts roaring
the wicked system dissolving
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